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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lesson from a Master Gardener

...that is a master gardener with a BIG HEART!

My grandmother grew flowers and she separated them and shared them.  She always said that you can't say thank you to someone when they share a flower from the garden or it won't grow.  Prayers are similar in that no thanks are ever needed they grow better in the quiet.

I am blessed.  Currently I work with several Christians on my team.  We all attend churches of different denominations but we have the same basic belief. The other day my sister had shared a prayer request.  It was one that was appropriate to share and so I shared it with my co-worker.  I teased my sister that I put her prayer request on the work prayer chain. 

The co-worker that I shared with also had a similar prayer request that I shared back with my sister.  As I was providing my co-worker with an update today, she thanked me for my sister and I praying for her.  It made me think of Grandma Field and her saying that you shouldn't say thank you for flowers.  After all they are a gift from God.  And isn't that what prayer is?  Lifting each other up in prayer is a privilege that God gives us. 
Prayer and Flowers - gifts from God

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