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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nypläys - bobbin lace

I got to see several historic crafts including nypläys otherwise known as bobbin lace.  Now I don't mind learning tedious crafts.  In fact, I tat, knit and crochet with fine threads.  But that is nothing in comparison to bobbin lace. 

Museum Explanation
The woman had a large variety of samples that were made with the bobbin lace technique.  The picture that I am sharing with you is the woman in a bonnet because that is the pattern that she was working in her demonstration.  

Lady with Bonnet done in bobbin lace method
If you zoom in on the picture, you will see that the grey on her drum are pins.  As she works the fine thread, needles are placed periodically or should I say frequently.  There were too many people standing around watching her work.  She was talking about what she was doing.  But I think that I was on sensory overload by the time that I reached her station.  There were so many beautiful crafts for sale and being demonstrated at the festival.

Demonstration of making bobbin lace
It didn't seem to bother her that people were hovered all around her.  I did catch that she talked about the importance of keeping the tension tight on all the bobbins that hung down.  She showed us a trick that they use to keep the bobbins from unraveling as they hung there waiting to be moved.


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