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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


As we walked into this room there was a spinning wheel set up directly to the right of the door.  There was straw in varying degrees of processing.  It reminded me of the story of Rumpelstiltskin where the father brags that his daughter can spin straw into gold. 
Preparing Straw for spinning
I was surprised that he was actually able to spin straw.  I guess this was the way that they made the original twine?  He was carrying on a side conversation with a friend and I didn't want to ask too many questions.  

Spinning Straw
This festival was a textile workers idea of Heaven!  From working with fine threads to heavy straw and everything in between they had demonstrations going as well as kits available for purchase.

Kits for sale
Llama, wool, felt there seemed to be an abundance of variety when it came to textiles available for sale.  I only had limited funds with me.  I dare say, "thank goodness!"  I could have easily spent several hundred dollars stocking up on dreams.

Wool for sale
I was surprised to see the woman who had a form in the middle of a stack of wool.  She was using warm water and soap to felt the wool.  She was working the wool by rubbing it like someone doing a "powder-puff" massage.  The water helped her open the wool so that it would felt or bind together.  The soap actually works as a lubricant for her hands during the long process of working the wool.

Original felting
She had several samples of her finished work for sale.  Although I was very tempted, I resisted the urge to buy a pair.

Felted slippers and shoes

I did buy two kits.  The locker hooking kit that I shared the other day and the drop spindle kit which I will share more about at a future date when I start working with the wool enclosed.  I love learning new things.  I know that we all get 24 hours in a day.  There are times that I would like to request 48 hours in a day.  (Don't we all wish that sometimes?)
Spinning with a Drop Spindle

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