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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The hunt for earrings

I was putting away some jewelry that I had taken with me on a trip. I was upset with myself because I had lost one of my favorite earrings. And I just couldn't bring myself to putting them away.

Today I went to look for a different pair of earrings and I decided that the best wayto find them was to organize my jewelry ... again. As part of my organization I checked all of my travel bags.  I was so excited because hooked on the mesh pocket inside my suitcase was my favorite earring. Hurray!

When I was a teenager, I made myself an earring hoop.  It serves me well to this day. I took off all the earrings and cleaned it before putting them back onto the hoop.  I  realized that I really like dangling earrings! 

I still haven't found the pair that I started looking for but I have a lot more organization that I need to get done. Lord, please show me where I put my earrings last time I had them. Amen.

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