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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bath time and booties

Yes this is about my Dobermans again.  But they are so adorable!  This evening Duchess and Sonjia came home with me.
Sonjia was pouting a bit so I went into the bedroom and snuggled with her. Then Duchess started whimpering. I called her into join us. The best spot in the bed is at the head of the bed. Duchess won then she started loving on her daughter. Aren't they adorable?
The other day a friend of mine sent me booties for the dogs.  It was perfect timing because it was sub below zero with a wind chill making it warmer. When I put the booties on the dogs they weren't sure what to do. They tried walking without touching those paws to the ground. After hopping and hobbling they finally started walking normal.
The girls didn't seem to mind the booties. But the next day only Sonjia was patient with me to put them on. Part of the reason might be that the girls need their toe nails clipped.  Even out in the cold my babies are adorable but th end I might be just a little bit prejudiced.  
Sonjia gets a bath from mama, Duchess
Mama Duchess and Sonjia (red)
Misty Blue and Sonjia in coats and booties
Playtime on a cold day with coats and booties

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