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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 4 reasons to watch the Super Bowl

The minority is because you LOVE to watch football. Some people might fight that until you see my next point.  There is the group who enjoy watching sports and have money on a football board. 
Then there are the world famous commercials.  Or at least the most expensive commercials of the year.  I have to admit there have been a few tear-jerkers and  a few  that have made me laugh.  My favorite so far was the one that mocked a TV blacking out towards the beginning of the game.  Dale was too busy talking to notice. I just imagined the  thousands of men swearing across America until they realized it was a commercial.
Then there are the people that pretend to watch so that they can get together for the party including food and drinks. We had bean and turkey Quesada, roll ups, mini wieners in BBQ sauce, carrots, pepperoni chips and dip, garlic cheese bread and hotdogs wrapped in bacon.
Bean Quesadia
Turkey Quesadia
Making Pepperoni Chips
Hot dogs wrapped in bacon
BBQ Wieners
Garlic Cheese bread
Bite size snacking?

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