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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 16, 2015


I took a lot of photos when I visited my dad's place a couple of weeks ago.  I have many more to share with you.  Tonight I am going to share the pictures that related to Finnish traditions.  
Children learn about traditional Finnish music
The Finnish Kantele is a harp like instrument from the dulcimer and zither family of instruments.  The couple that had the booth with the Kanteles encouraged the children to touch and play these instruments.  

The innocence of children
I love to watch the innocence and curiosity of the young children who no doubt came for the awesome hill to slide down and are now warming up and walking through the rooms.  The brilliant blues and vivacious reds along with the decorative boarders absolutely scream "Finnish!"

Traditional Finnish gloves and hat

Part of the tradition displayed came from being in Northern Minnesota.  Those who settled in the area would trap small animals for food.  They would save the pelts for trading.  When the long winter months were over and the traders came down the water-ways in their boats, they would trade the pelts for other basic supplies like flour and sugar.
The tradition of working with pelts

The museum room had old photos and stories posted along the walls.  They also had a few traditional costumes hanging on the walls.  Maybe I should say formal wear or dance wear?  I guess I don't know enough of the Finnish history to know when these particular pieces of clothing would be worn.
Traditional Finnish costumes

They did have an area segregated to the local church history.  The gown on display was NOT a bridal gown.  It was simply a "Sunday" dress that was worn to church.
Religious Traditions

In the cafeteria area, this charming man was playing traditional music for the people eating.  There was a small area in front of him for the people that were interested in dancing.  I chose not to take pictures of the young woman whose father was teaching her how to Polka Dance.   Believe it or not, I do have more to share.  For the small area this Festival had an abundance of activities, demonstrations, and booths for craft sales.  
Traditional Music

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