Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crafts for Show and Sale

Here are some of the booths from the Festival up North.  I had to hold back from purchasing something from every booth.  The quality was fabulous!  But for one, I don't have much room in my house.
Woven Rugs

This booth with the painting was especially interesting because the artist took unconventional metal scraps and painted on them including pots, pans, tins, gasoline cans, signs, wash basins, etc.  It is interesting when people can see beyond the garbage and imagine beauty.  The ultimate recycling.  I noticed that several booths had a recycling focus.
Bear Island Art Factory, LLC
I have tried wood burning.  I might need to try that again seeing how Karen has transformed these pieces of wood.  No, probably not.  Sometimes it is nice to focus on the things that you know you can be good at.  There are so many things to do that I want to do that looking at learning one that is going to take this much practice before I have a good output just isn't at the top of the list.  Karen is from Chisholm, Minnesota if you want to buy some of her fabulous pieces.

Karen Spotts: wood burning done by hand
Several days ago I posted a photo of a man spinning straw.  This was the wall hanging that was hanging behind him in his booth. His booth was demonstration only but WOW! Absolutely amazing how beautifully done this is from beginning of the spinning process to the completion of the woven wall hanging!

Woven Straw Wall Hanging
Years ago, I purchased some quilling supplies.  I might need to find where I put them.  Have I said recently that I need a bigger house and one with a layout where the dogs can join me in my craft room?  I generally stay away from craft shows because instead of walking away with more things to put away, I walk away with dreams and desires and a definite need for more time.

Example of Quilling

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