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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A touching Thursday

I started my day today by traveling to St. Cloud to take a certification test. I passed!  Hurray! The topic was process manufacturing but it also included working with rebates,  catch weight items, commodities, regulated and restricted items. It was a complicated test.

I was very excited after passing the test. It was one of the more difficult certifications. Ironically, I had received a call this morning from UPS asking for my physical address so that they could deliver my Party Lite order.  So I knew that I would be coming home to a package.  It arrived shortly after I got home. Everything was going well.

I shared with a coworker then I  received the bad news.  Her grandson passed away on Tuesday.  The funeral is on Saturday.  That was all that she shared. She is a Christian so I knew that I could cross the line a bit with compassion. I texted her a simple prayer with the picture below.  "Lord, Let your comfort shine like a light in this dark week."
Jesus is the Light of the World.
Something inside told me to go one step further, so I decided that I needed to send my total view to her.  I shared the following words with her, "that pretty picture comes from the center of a mess."  After I sent it, I realized how God's words were shining through my daily life.  My messy and anything but perfect life.  But in the middle of my imperfection sits God's perfect plan.  And he uses me with all my imperfections to complete his plan.  Please join me in praying for the family that will be burying the young boy on Saturday, February 28th.
... and it's not a perfect world

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