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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Craft maniac!

I was like a kid at Christmas time.  Several weeks ago, I ordered some locker-hooks online.  To my dismay, they were out of order and the order was canceled.  I placed an order for a different locker-hook.  But I needed a minimum order of $25 for the order to ship.  I had been struggling with the fact that I don't know for sure how much material it is going to take to make this rug.  How was I going to randomly add some other fabric throughout the piece to make any color or fabric changes not so noticeable.  Then I saw this roll of BaliBatiks precut 2.5" cotton candy strips in a jelly roll as they call it.  There are 20 strips 2.5 inches wide by 44 inches long.  I can cut each strip in half and it will be the same size as the strips that I've already prepared.  That will add randomness to my rug.
(In the picture below are rolls of fabric strips, 3.75 mesh with 2-3 rows of locker-hooking complete, the wooden locker-hook needle that dad helped create, a new locker-hook and the jelly roll of fabric.)
Ready to locker-hook
The rug will need to wait until later.  I have my loom back and I have 6 scarves that I need to finish.  One is completely done. A second one I am making into a forever scarf and it is in the process of being tied together.  The other four will be tassel tied.  The left over yarn will be able to be used in a different rug (or maybe in the same rug as an accent?)
Weaving scarves
These are fabulous distractions to cabin fever!  The problem is that I have several going at one time and it makes my house messier than normal.  AAAAHHHHH!  Over my lunch today, I didn't have the dogs and I made a wild attempt at cleaning.  It helped a bit but not quite enough.  One of these days I am going to hire a maid.  But I think that I'd need to clean before the maid got here.

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