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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Run fun

Today is where a picture will say a thousand words.  We had a dramatic evening the unexpectedly ate up my whole evening.  Dale's van just got out of the repair shop and it didn't start when he got off work which was just when I was ready to pick up his brother to dog sit for tomorrow morning.  Then he locked his truck keys in the van. 

Earlier in the evening, I took the girls to the open field for some running.  They spent a lot of time running and barking at nothing.
The race in on!
Misty Blue in the lower right corner was "laying in wait" for the other girls to come across the field.  She got just a little bit excited when they started running back.
Dobermans ... coming from every angle.
It isn't every day that I can get all three girls together in one picture running.  Especially where I can see each of the girls. 
Follow the leader! or Catch mama :^)
Even more rare, is catching all three girls standing together not blocking each other.  For a brief moment, I was afraid that they were going to take off on the run after something.  What ever was distracting them was a matter of 30 seconds and they were off running again.
what's that?!?
Look at the picture below.  Doesn't it look like Misty Blue (left) is saying "Did you hear?!?"  and Duchess (to the right) is answer back, "NO! not really?" While Sonjia in the center is playing tennis head in between trying to keep up with the conversation. 
Did you hear?! .... NO! not really?
As I have said many times.  These three girls have captured my heart!  They are so fun to watch as they run and play.  

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