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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Locker Hooking

Years ago I used to rug hook. Then on Saturday I saw this woman doing a craft called locker hooking.  It is similar but different.  I purchased  a kit to make a small "yarn hooked flower".  Working a small square piece would have been easier but I finished!
Locker Hook
A locker hook is like a crochet hook with a needle hole on the end.  I was able to purchase a set of "Knooks" (knit with a crochet hook). But the needle hole on the end looked way too small. 
Knooks made into locker hooks
Since I was up at dad's he pulled out his drill with a dremel and made the holes bigger.  Thank goodness I had bought wooden knooks.
locker hook mesh
The mesh used is the same that is used for rug hooking.  I started using a single strand of yarn.  That was wrong.  I needed to use two strands of yarn or a 1 inch strip of fabric.  The basis of locker hook is that you pull 4-5 loops through the same number of holes in the mesh and you "lock" them in place with a base yarn that is pulled through from the back of the hook.
Example of Locker Hooking
The photo below is the corrected version of locker hooking.  For this example, I pulled a double thread through the hole and used a single thread to lock it into place. The center of the flower was a decorative thread which was thinner than the other thread.  So I folded it over until it was 4-ply as I pulled it through the holes.
Better example of locker hooking in progress
There are different schools of thought. Some feel that you should begin by getting the edging in place first then fill in the center.  Others believe that you fill in the center then finish the edge.  Because of my mistake of starting with a single thread, I knew that I would not have enough light pink for the edge too.  So I chose another pink and made it work.                                                   
A locker-hook flower broach

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