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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Dressing 3 dogs is like ...

...dressing toddlers. After work today I put Sonjia ' s and Misty Blue 's coats on and Duchess came over for her coat.  I thought that I would test the waters and ask who wanted their booties on while holding a set in my hands. Both Duchess and Sonjia came over and let me put their booties on.  Misty Blue rejected the idea.  On the reverse side, they all wanted their outside clothes off first! I felt like a mamma of toddlers.
Running by the edge of the lake
The fish houses need to be off the lake by the end of February.  Some years that is a challenge because the weather is so warm by now.  Instead, we are celebrating a 20 degree day in between two of the coldest days of the winter.  The sun dogs (rainbow to the right/left of the sun) usually indicate a colder day to come.
Sun Dogs at Sunset
The ice is still thick enough for driving full size pickup onto it but throughout the lake, these cracks are present.  When you look down into the break all that is visible is ice.  But it reminds me of the movies when they show someone climbing in the mountain and the snow and ice split under their feet and they fall into a deep-deep cavern.  
Frozen solid but ....
I am excited that the days are getting longer. There is once again daylight enough for me to take the girls out for a run after work and I still get to see the sunset.  They don't care.  Misty Blue and Duchess are watching Sonjia run back and forth along the shoreline.  It is so funny to watch her go wild trying to entice the other two back onto shore.
Misty Blue and Duchess on the lake at Sunset
Parks are always so calming.  But something about the blues and greys reflecting off from the winter snow that makes it look extra peaceful.  
Clear Lake Park
The girls lasted nearly 20 minutes in the 20 degree weather.  We left just before sunset.  I was forced to pull over as I went around the lake. The beauty of the sunset called to me.  There is an old fable that says if you listen carefully when the top of the sun drops over the horizon you will hear it set.  Not today, the wind was blowing too hard and it was howling around the car.  BRRRrrrrr!!!!!!
Listen and you will hear the sunset ~

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