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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snap, crackle, boom!

Out on the lake on a cold winter's day it sounds like someone is sitting across the lake periodically hitting a Timpani drum.  The first time that I heard it, I thought someone had a band practicing loudly inside their lakeside home.  I guess it is part of God's band!  ...the sound of the frozen lake making ice.
Duchess and Misty Blue love running across the frozen lake.  But Sonjia runs out and immediately back to the shore. When she rides with Dale in the pickup and he drives on the lake, she starts shaking. I wonder what she senses?
You can see that we are at the same park that we go to in the summer.  The dock is left in all winter (which is unusual for Minnesota.)
Yeah! It is a warm day! (relatively speaking)
Race Sonjia Race!
The world is breaking apart!
...and he says that I never get off my phone?!?

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