Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Prayer shawl complete

I know this wasn't on my official to do list.   But I started it about two years ago and it was time to get it done. 
The complementary color on the outer edge was what I went shopping for.  I am glad that I didn't have enough of the original color.  I think it looks much prettier this way.
I tried to take a selfie with it but my arms are too short.  Dale tried to take my picture but he pushes the camera button really hard and wiggles the phone for a blurry picture.  He wasn't happy when I made him model for the pictures.
Prayer Shawl
Unhappy Model - Pretty Prayer Shawl
I was going to have my sister retake the pictures today but we went out for supper last night and I ended up with either food poisoning or an allergic reaction to my food. I was up half the night not knowing which end to face towards the toilet. I chose to stay snuggled up at home. I am feeling better although not 100% yet.

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