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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Entertained by Pigeons

I was waiting in the parking lot  by Joann Fabrics this morning reviewing some notes for my certification test. Suddenly, I was some fluttering off to the left.  There was a group of pigeons playing in the corner of the roof.  Then I saw one pigeon land on the diagonal roof and go sliding down before flying away.
The pigeon debate
Watching the birds for a few minutes afterwards, it looked as if they were watching the spot that their friend slid down.  Were they debating trying to "slide down the roof"?  I must admit that I hoped to but didn't see another bird try the slide.  I did find the behavior of the birds a bit curious.  I needed to study for my test until the store opened.  I was short a color, I had been thinking blue but strangely settled on a deep brown.  
Ready 1, 2, 3 slide!
In case you were wondering about the certification test.  I thought that it went VERY well.  I was shocked and amazed to find out that I didn't pass.  It was 48 questions regarding 9 different topics.  I was 21 points short of the 700 points needed to pass. So I'm guessing 1 question would have made the difference.

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