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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

More chocolate! !!!

I made a couple more batches of chocolate sweetened with stevia.  The fun part of making my own chocolate is making it whatever flavor that I want.  Coconut (unsweetened/organic) is always a good choice.  Several months ago, I dried some cherries with cinnamon sprinkled over them.  I keep forgetting to use them in chocolate.  Not today, I remembered and decided to mix it with coconut.
Cinnamon dried cherries and coconut
The batches of chocolate that I make are very small.  Each batch of chocolate takes on a character of its own. I definitely am not a chocolatier! My chocolates are never as smooth and shiny when I am done with them.  Maybe over time, I will reach that level.  One of the reasons that I add coconut is that it covers up the occasional grit that might be left behind in the chocolate.
Here comes the chocolate!
You can tell that once I temper the chocolate it loses its shine.  I temper it while I am mixing in the extra flavors.  I actually made two small batches.  One was simply almond chunks in the chocolate.  Both batches I decided to sprinkle with sea salt.  Sweet and salty always go so well together even when it isn't overly sweet.  I wish that I had smell-o-vision.  Several days this week, my kitchen has smelled so fabulous and I've wanted to share it with you.  
Finished: Coconut-cinnamon cherry chocolates

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