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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Planning for Retirement

One of my co-workers was chatting with me today about planning for retirement.  I had mentioned to her that my next house the "live in while retired" home was going to be larger than my current home.  She was surprised because she and her husband are planning on down-sizing.

As we got talking about our current homes and future dream homes, we realized that we were really talking about the same size home (between 1600-2000 square feet).  I had to giggle.  Once again, perspective makes all the difference.  From one side of the conversation it sounded like we had opposing viewpoints.  But we were really describing the same thing from opposite sides.

Have you ever been in a still-life painting class?  They put a bowl filled with fruit in front of the class and everyone sits around the table drawing the bowl of fruit.  If there are multiple kinds of fruit in the bowl, when you look at the pictures created by the different students you might not recognize that they are all seeing the same thing.

In the winter I find myself in need of a bigger house.  In the summer, I find myself desiring to be out in the country again; walking in the woods and playing in the gardens.  .... life is all about perspective. Every minute of every day make the most of what you have!

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