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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Summer projects ...

I had an ah-ha moment today.  We have been getting about 1/2-1 inch of snow a couple of times a week.  But it has been melting in-between.  The problem is that it isn't warm enough to lose the frost so water is building up in inappropriate places.  That yellow dot on my drawing is where the bridge is sitting at this point.  The only thing that I know for sure is that it is in the wrong spot and it can't stay there.
Work for the summer of 2015
The bridge has become a "catch-it" spot in the yard for the junk.  It is about time to get it cleaned off.  I have been wanting to create a "dry creek" in the yard.  A spot that when it rains it creates a stream and otherwise it's dry rocks.  So I am going to create a dry creek from the North side of the gate, under the bridge and to the drift-away point.  It is the middle of January so I am sure that I will change my mind a few times before springtime.  
The aaachi of a warm winter
This might seem strange, but I am tired of the odd winter weather this year.  A slap of winter and two days of spring then another slap of winter followed by a splash of springtime.  I am jealous of those people on the East coast tonight that are planning for a blizzard.  A Minnesota winter is just not right without snow on the ground.  I am having a difficult winter with that this year.  :^(

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