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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Never go into a craft store last .....

Yesterday I stopped by Joann Fabrics for my last stop in a series of stores. I needed to buy one skein of yarn to finish a project.  I didn't know that yarn was on sale.
I had brought the project with because I had been working on this one for two years.  I expected that I would need to buy a complimentary color instead of a matching color.  I was right. 

Fun Yarns!
As I looked for the colors,  I sent photos of the interesting yarns to my sister.  As I waited in the checkout,  I saw some totes that they had for sale.  I took a picture and sent it to my sister with the phrase,  "just say no". Instead she asked if I was going to buy her one too and with some of the yarn I sent photos of.  I picked up two totes and two more skeins of yarn.
New tote and water bottle
I was easily swayed because everything was on sale.  When I got to the checkout,  I used my smartphone to sign into the website for a 15% off coupon.  I was amazed that I was allowed to use the coupon on items that were on sale.  When all was said and done, one tote was free and the yarn was less than $14 (Normally a $20 value. )
Shopping in a craft store at the end of my shopping day is like going into a grocery store hungry. I had made a tea cup garden for my sisters desk with open air plants. I decided to get her a small water bottle to go with it. I love giving people gifts.  Happy very early birthday, Tabatha. Tee hee.
Cup of Flower
Garden in a cup

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