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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, January 2, 2015

An interesting ride home ...

I came home at 8 PM. I live in a small Minnesota town that consists of four bars and a Catholic Church.   I am neither a drinker nor Catholic.  So it is a little strange that I ended up here.

It is Friday night.  And the town is usually hopping!  I guess that people partied too much on New Years eve because there were only two cars outside of each bar. Strange the things you notice.

New Years eve there was a very loud noise.  It sounded like a shot or someone lit off a fireworks; but I couldn't see anything.  New years day, I noticed my neighbors door across the alley had the window boarded up. I haven't talked to him yet.  But I think possibly,  he or one of his friends got partying a little too hard. 

He just put the door in this fall and already it has been destroyed.  I think I will wait until he says something.  I'd bet he's more than a little upset.

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