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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hungry for Waffles?

As I said not long ago, I am trying to re-learn how to cook but by using coconut flour.  Where would I be without the internet?  I did a search online and found this recipe:
Protein & Coconut waffles topped with peaches and cream
Dale was hungry for waffles.  He asked if I would make them for supper.  I had been thinking about trying to make muffins this afternoon.  But when he said waffles, I decided that I would try this instead.  So here is my attempt at making waffles with coconut flour.
Ingredients :
8 eggs
1/2 cup melted  butter or coconut  oil
1/2 cup  coconut  flour
1 Tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp  vanilla
1/2 tsp  salt
(I added  1/4 cup  shredded  coconut)
Topping: 4-5 slices  peach and heavy  whipping cream.
Eight Eggs
I whipped  the eggs in a bowl then add the coconut oil (melted) and coconut  flour and  whipped some  more. 
Whipping in the coconut flour

Then I  added the rest of the ingredients and  continued whipping.
The  texture reminded me of  making cornbread.  I was tempted to add more liquid but I remembered the warning that it was going to be thick. It tasted good  and as they mentioned it was very  filling. The house  still  smells wonderful!
The  recipe made 3 (4 part) waffles. I will  freeze two for  later.  I will  need to put this  in a  calorie  count program to see what  an appropriate  serving should be.
Gluten Free Waffles!

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