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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

License plate debate

The plates for my new car came today.  Timing was good  because one of the dogs had a wild moment and pulled the temporary license off the back window.   I like to  name my cars.  This one could be called "Ruby".  But  can I call a dark blue  car ruby?
That is not the real debate.  I have been thinking about getting a personalized plate again.  I  used to have BACK4T until I moved back from  Wisconsin. Then I chose not to spend the extra money on personalized plates because I was focusing on my start up business.
My father's plates are BACK40 "Field" and my mother used to sign cards (to the grandparents) from the 4 T's.  All four of us kids have names that begin with the letter  T. I  might see if my old  plate is still  available "BACK4T" ... maybe.
Ruby (blue)?

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