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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Too cold to snow ....

I have heard all of my life that "it is too cold to snow". Today the temperature has been lingering around zero degrees Fahrenheit.  In the range that in the past we were told it is too cold to snow.  Guess what? .... it is snowing!  That is okay.  We need the snow.  We could actually use about 3-4 (maybe 10-12) inches of snow on the ground to help insulate the gardens and the water pipes.  Yes, last year because of the lack of snow when the cold spells started hitting, we were forces to run our water non-stop (at a drip) for many months because the city water lines were at risk of freezing. 

The forecaster has predicted that my area will get about an inch of snow.  In other words, just enough to freshen up the winter white.  I guess that will be nice enough for today.

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