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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

You have three strikes.....

What does that make you think?  When you hear someone refer to a person having two or three strikes?  I would venture a guess that most people are filling in the words "....and your out!"

I recently watched a show on TV where the response to "You have three strikes" was something to the effect of "WOW! a perfect start to my bowling game.  I hope that I get another strike!"

I have often talked about viewpoints.  I work hard to find a positive viewpoint.  Life just seems to go easier when you are looking at the positive side of things.  At the same time I am a realist.  I do acknowledge that not everything is sunshine and roses. (Well maybe everything is roses - - a delicate yet beautiful flower that has a fabulous fragrance and a stem full of thorns that must be handled very carefully.)

Here is a challenge, next time someone starts a sentence by saying, "S/He has two strikes.  One more and ....." Break into their sentence and say, "...and they will have a perfect 10th frame!"  Smile and have a beautiful day.

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