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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Beautiful Friday!

This morning my sister called on her way to work.  She was in awe of the fabulously beautiful sunrise.  The suns light was reflecting pink off of the clouds at the horizon.  And from that horizon moments before the sun peaked over the horizon it shone up in a brilliant bright pink beam reaching up and spreading across the clouds.

The house and business next to it down the hill from me, stopped me from seeing the pink beam myself.  From my viewpoint only the beautiful pink clouds were visible.  Although it wasn't quite as intoxicating as the total view that my sister saw, it was definitely worth the view out the window.

Misty and Sonjia woke each other up and needed to go outside.  I was mesmerized as I saw frost that was lightly blowing across the road.  The sunlight was hitting it making it shine like glitter floating through the air.  I am not sure where the frost came from because there are no trees for a block to the South and it appeared to be floating in from the South to the North.

I just know that it looked like fairy-dust had just been sprinkled over the neighborhood.  

Fairy dust falls on a Friday morning :^)

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