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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Duchess' view of Mother's day

It is nice that one of my thirty-five puppies is still with me.  Today Sonjia gave me kisses while I snuggled next to Grandpa in his bed.  She is such a lovey puppy of mine.  I am glad that she got to stay with me.
Sonjia wishes Duchess a Happy Mother's Day
This is my spot on the couch.  Grandma and Sonjia sometimes try to sit in my spot.  But they knew it was mother's day today and they moved so that I could sit here.
Duchess as Queen of the couch
This is the perfect spot.  I am an arms length away from the table.  I can watch Grandpa eat out of the corner of my eye.  He doesn't like it when I beg during the entire meal.  So I wait here until the perfect moment, then I give him the "look".  He reaches over with the best bite of supper for me!
Duchess watching Grandpa eat and controlling the remote
At Grandma's house, she has a sleep number bed.  It is set perfect for me to sleep when my baby Sonjia is laying on the bed with me.  Wasn't that nice of Grandma to set the bed perfectly for me? I had the perfect Mother's Day.  After Grandpa shared his breakfast with us, we took a nap with him while Grandma spun wool in the living room.  Then we took a ride around the country side (they came home with a bunch of flowers.)  On the way home, we got to run in the field.  Then it was TV time until supper and time for bed.  
Sonjia and Duchess take over the bed - again!
Looking back at the day, I guess it was a fairly typical day.  I am surrounded by love and spoiled by Grandpa and Grandma everyday.  It isn't just for Mother's Day.  I gave Grandpa and Grandma kisses this evening to make sure that they knew, "I love them so much too!"

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