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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My hats always turn out too big

I have knitted several hats.  They always turn out too big and I end up tearing them apart or giving them to someone that fits into them. But now, I have the solution!
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Episode 7 Ghost Whisperer - close up of Hat
10/28/2005 on episode 7 of Ghost Whisperer I noticed that the costume stylists chose an oversized hat for lead actess, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Episode 7 Ghost Whisperer - Full view of hat
They resolved the oversized issue by placing a broach  (pin) on the front of the hat. I love it!  Now I have another option for my hand spun wool. (Thank goodness for reruns and the info button.)
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Episode 7 Ghost Whisperer
The old fashioned hat pin actually went through the back of a woman's hat and through the bun that she had her hair wrapped up into.  Their hair was only washed once a week  (no indoor plumbing.) They wore it long and would wrap it or twist it up so that it would be out of the way as they worked. By using a hat pin they resolved the issue of the wind.  When the winds came up unexpectedly, the hat would help the hats stay in their place.
Traditional Hat Pin

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