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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saturday 5/16/15 storm damage

Saturday evening the sirens blew is Watkins and neighboring Kimball, Minnesota.  It was windy with a lot of lightening, thunder, and rain.  But in Watkins, there was no wind damage.  Then Sunday morning we began to hear the rumors.  "It looked like a bomb hit in the Kimball Football Field."
Storage Shed at the end of Kimball Football Field
The debate was on ..... was it straight line winds or a tornado?  For the most part the debris was in a straight line.  It was also in a very focused area.  A large majority of the debris was inside of the fence.
Straight line winds or tornado?
The scoreboard was absolutely demolished.  It also looked (from afar) like it was twisted.  It could have easily been the straight line winds bending it while it hung onto the posts until it finally let loose.
Scoreboard demolished
The fence at the end is slightly elevated.  It did a very good job of catching the debris and equipment that was sent airborne.  Although, I am not sure what shape any of this equipment is in now!?!
The end fence caught most of the debris
If you look in the very center of the photo below, you should be able to see three boards that were pounded into the ground by the storm.  They are all shoved in from a different angle.  I didn't go onto the field.  I figured if inspectors hadn't been there yet, I wasn't going to be the person that disturbed any evidence.  So I can't tell if the boards themselves have a twist or if they just went in from different directions.  Years ago, I spoke to someone that went out to assess the damage and determine if it was straight line winds or tornado.  I was told that they look for the twist in the debris.
Proof of a tornado?
What we did get in Watkins is 3.1 inches of rain in about 12 hours.  That filled up the little creek that normally flows quietly through town.  Several roads and driveways were being flooded out.
Gate to Watkins compost site
This is nothing new, which always makes me wonder why they don't do more to create a buffer that will detour the rushing water to a more constructive route.  I know, it costs a lot of money for the few times that we get this much rain.
Water trying to wash out road....
To my knowledge there has only been what is considered "minor" damage.  I doubt the school considers this as minor.

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