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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Boating opener?

I heard someone say that Memorial day weekend in Minnesota is boating opener.  We didn't make it out for fishing opener. Today was the first time this year that we were out on the boat.
Sonjia and I share smiles!
Sonjia put the skids on and had to be lifted and pushed into the boat.  We left the leash on her for quite awhile out of fear that she would try to jump out and get back to shore.
Dale tried taking her ice fishing a couple of times last winter and she repeatedly ran back to shore. I could tell that she was scared and nervous but she settled down and started walking freely around the boat.
Duchess and Misty Blue had a hay day. They made me nervous jumping up nd down off the bow of the boat. A few times I thought that I'd be taking a cold swim.
Dale and Duchess fishing together
Duchess and Misty watch grandpa bait a hook
Misty Blue on the bow

Duchess on the bow
Grandpa! Duchess is sticking her tongue out at me!

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