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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Mama's Little Angels

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, my little angles sat for a photo.   The sunset was at the perfect angel to illuminate the girls.  When instructed to sit, Duchess decided to be an over-achiever and lay down.  Sonjia with her long legs has that funky wide spread stance while tiny Misty Blue sits tall and proud.
Mama's Little Angels: Sonjia, Duchess, and Misty Blue
The secret behind everyone finally sitting was that Dale got off his phone.  As soon as the phone was in the pocket, They sat together.  Dale on the other hand didn't understand what I was asking.  I wanted the girl's backs facing the sun so that when I got down close to the ground, the sun illuminated over their shoulders (similar to the way it is shining over Dale's shoulder.)  But when it comes to getting all four to cooperate, I take what I get.  I did get several good pictures of the girls.
The conductor of Dobie Angels playing "sit" (it must be a round)
In one of the photos that I took, I managed to capture all three Dobermans together.  The way that the sun hit the lens it created a "UFO" shape down on the ground. OH NO! a UFO landed and tried to shrink my babies and take them away!  (Just kidding.)
A Doberman Alien Abduction
(.... sort of)  But when we arrived at the field to let the girls run after supper, it was obvious that the sunset this evening was going to be absolutely amazing.  
Early Sunset 5/8/2015
We were almost home when I made Dale stay stopped at the stop sign longer than normal so I could get a few shots at the last minutes before the sun set. Such a beautiful peaceful end of the day.  We almost made it home when we stopped at a home across from the back of the church to talk landscaping and flowers.  TGIF!
5/8/2015 Sunset

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