Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
Planning to give away a book or two!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Something is in the air!

I have tried for about a year to get a natural picture of my three beautiful girls and today I got it!
My phone went through a mandatory upgrade a few days ago.  Several times it has acted up and I have been close to calling to complain.  But one thing I really like is that the bottom right hand corner now has a shortcut key to the camera. 
Duchess, Misty Blue and Sonjia
I don't need to unlock the phone to take pictures. Normally by the time that I got it unlocked and the camera open, the good shot was gone. Today I hit the shortcut button and snapped 3 pictures before the girls started to run away.
Time to run again!
As with everything there's both good and bad. Today I enjoyed the good.  :^) I even got Duchess rolling over.
Duchess scratching her back

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