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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What do teenage boys think????

I arrived back at the hotel after 10 PM Saturday evening after going to the Royals game. Tabatha, Becky and Keith were already swimming. There were several groups of baseball parents sitting in the breakfast nook drinking. There were kids and parents in the hallway between the front desk and the elevator texting and talking.  It was obvious that there was something dramatic going on at the Hampton Inn.

Yes, there were teenage boys.  A softball team (minus 1) had decided to get together in the elevator (14-15 good sized boys.) They were stuck between the first and second floor.  I heard one woman say, " That's what happens when you push all the buttons. "

Reality check!  This hotel only has 3 floors. 

I was down swimming when the police and fire department arrived. They had override keys to get access to the inside of the elevator.  Even with that it took a long time to get the doors open. It looked like a clown car as the boys started being pulled down and out of the elevator.  I wished that I had my camera but at the same time I realized I would not be able to post any pictures of the young teenagers. 
I didn't hear how the boys were dealt with for their trouble making. Personally I hope that they were not allowed to compete in the rest of the weekend tournament.

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