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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The difference a day makes

SORRY!  I missed a post yesterday and it is late today.  SO much going on and I will explain it in a later. But for now here are some cool shots after 4.5 inches of rain in just over 24 hours.  (That is according to Dale's rain gauge.)

Monday I took the girls out to the corner for a run. The ground was still "squishy" even at the top of the hill but the rushing waters had receded back to almost normal. You need to have a little bit of vision or imagination to see where the flood waters were.  The stream is barely visible across the back.  The rectangular area went to the left up to the bright green grass.
Monday after waters receded
After the rains, water poured into the creek connecting it to the swamp and pushing the edges of the swamp further into the grass.  I had to watch the dogs closely because the entire swamp area had a fairly fast flow to it.  
Where is the creek?  (it flooded)
I went around the corner and got out of my car.  I was careful to make sure that the dogs stayed in the car.  The culverts running under these roads are huge.  But even with the large culverts there was only a few inches between the top of the water and the top of the culvert.  DON'T play too closely.  The current in this little stream was very strong.
Keep that water rolling
Oh this would be so disappointing.  To my knowledge, this is the only way into the place at the top of the hill.  It is a long driveway up a good hill.  During the winter I've thought, "I'd hate to drive up that driveway with the ice."  Today I thought, "I wouldn't risk driving on that driveway."  Later I did wonder if they had a duck (combination vehicle and boat.)  I am not sure that it would help because the current was so strong.  
I hope they drive a "Duck"
Normally, the creek is a slow trickle of water going under the road through this culvert.  But Sunday, it was pushing through the culvert and expanding through in every direction.  It looked like it was keeping up but as you followed the creek into town, it pushed over it's banks all the way across town.
The culvert feeding the stream.
Random thought: why is creek spelled with two E's when steam is spelled with "EA" when they both sound the same?  (I have had to correct each word at least once during this article because I have swapped the ee and ea around.)

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