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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, May 4, 2015

An explosion of green (and pollen)

I was gone for 3 days. And in that short time green exploded across the horizon! In the springtime that means pollen exploded too.
In 3 short days the leaves popped open on the trees
The girls love running through the green fields at this time of year. But that means I need to watch closely for wood ticks. It also means I need to get onto my allergy medicine and eyedrops.
Time to RUN!
At my home the tulips that I transplanted last fall are beginning to bloom. Although most of them are yellow, the few red added a nice touch of color. I picked seven this evening for a bouquet to give to my neighbor lady. On the inside of the fenced in yard, I planted a special tulip that is a combination red and yellow. I picked two of those, a plane red and four yellow for her bouquet. 
Tulip Time!
By the looks of the weeds in the garden, they need a little TLC (tender loving care) and the sooner the better! I also need to find the zinnia seeds and scatter the seeds across the front of the garden.
Bi-color Tulips

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