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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

School closed due to flooding

I arrived last night at the hotel. We were going to go out for supper but seeing the lightening light up the sky, decided to stay in.
We woke up this morning to notices of schools delayed and closed due to inclement weather. 9 inches of rain in 12 hours was more than this concrete city could handle.  
We were told to hold off going into the office.  We were delayed an 1.5 hours. Our path was not as affected as some areas, but we saw a park area that was flooded. I am sure building an inverted park made sense to someone at one point in time.
Inverted Garden in Houston
The garden outside the office building had washed away. But who piles dirt on top of concrete for a garden?  I am sure it made sense to someone at one point in time.
Garden on top of cement
On the way back to the hotel after a hard day at work, I noticed that there were already entrepreneurs ready to make some money off the floods. It was raining so hard that some cars didn't realize how deep the water was under their vehicles until they floated uncontrollably in the water.
(No I wasn't driving) Making money off the flood
The news have shown shocking and tragic from today. I am showing you some of the odd pictures of things that you might overlook.

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