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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time to two-ply .... making yarn

I know!  When I travel my writing is a lot more inconsistent. Part of my inconsistency this week has been trying to finish spinning my wool and two-plying it into thread before my wool dying class on Saturday. 
Almost done spinning!
I finished spinning last night and started transferring the single ply thread from the drop spindle to a bobbin. I finished the transfer on the way to and from work. 
Two plying yarn
This evening I loaded my two bobbins onto my Lazy Kate and started the two ply process.  I might even finish by Saturday!  After all, that is the goal!  I did find that the offset countertop of the front desk at the hotel worked perfectly for the process and the clerk was having a good time chatting.  It was moving fast. Although I got a lot done,  there is a lot more left to do.
Lazy Kate loaded with two bobbins

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