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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A wedding decoration tip

The bride had seen this beautiful centerpiece idea at another wedding.  Three empty glasses, different heights and sizes, turned upside-down and votive candles placed on the top. She wanted them placed on a mirror with flower pedals on top and stones around the mirror.
Wedding Table decoration that will light up the ceiling
We traveled from Minnesota to Missouri for the wedding.  To spend more time with longtime friends we helped decorate. When the lights were turned on my sister, Tabatha, noticed that mirrors were reflecting patterns on the ceiling.
Decoration Reflection
She took the time to line up the tables  and angle the mirrors so that the reflection on the ceiling was as stunning as the decorations on the table. During the reception we overheard conversations that proved people were noticing that detail.
Many decoration reflections
I  also had the honor of using one of my talents to create an updo for the mother of the bride. 
Becky and Trisha after the updo

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