Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 11, 2012

My kids play ruff

Mama, Duchess, lays down on the floor and growls, "I dare you! Come and get me!"
As  My Jenny gets close, she falls into mama's trap. 
"Gra - ha-ha" Mama says with a toothy smile. "Now show me how well you protect"

My Jenny being held by Mama as they play "Ruff" 
"I'm going to get you!" My Jenny squeaked out.  "Don't move or I'm gonna get you!?

Grrrr - Ruff- Ruff - Ruff
"Louder, My Jenny.  Show more teeth."  Mama demonstrated for My Jenny.
"I am mean.  Be afraid, very afraid!" My Jenny said trying to deepen her high pitched voice.

I am mean... very mean
"Yeah mama!  I did it!" My Jenny said then surprised mama with a tackle and a love bite on her ear.
My Jenny WINS!
"Good lesson My Jenny." Mama said as My Jenny backed off and continued to practice. 

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