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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Passage of Time

I graduated from college the spring of the year that my mother passed away.  I was in a degree completion program and working full time.  While in school I purchased the house next door from my Aunt and Uncle.  I was given a small evergreen tree from a very good friend as a graduation gift.  It was about the size of the small tree to the left.  That small tree is now the larger tree to the right.  (Planted 20 feet in from the corner of the property.)

Through the years I've moved too many times to count.  But any time I'd return to the family farm, I'd peek at the tree to see how it had grown and there it stands as a memory to a great task completed.  It also stands as a memory to the time that has passed since my mother passed away.  Though at times we don't know how it will...time always continues to pass.

I guess the real question is...."How will we allow the things going around us to affect us?  Will we let it stunt our growth or work as the nutrients needed to help us continue to grow?"

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