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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hummingbird Moth

It wasn't too long ago that I heard someone talk about a hummingbird moth.  I had never seen one before.  In fact, I didn't realize such a creature existed.  It was good that someone had randomly talked about them to me.  If not, I would not have figured out what I was looking at.  I saw a very definite moth body.  The wings were moving like a hummingbirds.  And it looked like the creature had a straw coming out of it's beak.  And my goodness, was it long!

I stood and watched for a few minutes as it went about it's business.  Then I realized that my phone wan't too far away.  So I carefully stepped away and when I came back I was glad to see that it was still there.  It suddenly became aware of me and I was only able to get one picture.  I stood very still but the flowers it chose were too far for a good picture.

As it flew away from the garden, I decided to go back to my weeding.

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