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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Don't you hate it when you misplace something very obvious? Keys and remote controls are the two most common things. I don't lose common things. I lose BIG things. 

My clipper bag kept getting in the way. So I found it a new spot. Then I forgot until my boyfriend wanted his spring haircut. Panic! There are gone! I knew I used my thinning sheers last on my nephew (yes I have a cosmetology lisc.)  So here is part of the search. This was all texted...

"Did I bring my clippers up to your place and leave it? I can't find the blue bag and contents"

"No are we hiding from you"

"U r not at Dale's place or the last two places I used u. So where r u hiding?"

"I am thinking I am hiding in your bathroom or maybe your kitchen table"

"Bathroom checked...was double checking the kitchen table"

"Were you so tired you went into your living room and set me on your couch?"

"U sneaky little devil. U were hiding behind the broken pantry door on the floor of the pantry"

"Oh how did I get there? Were u trying to fix the pantry door with me?
Well I'm so tired from this game of hide and seek I am going to bed now :) thanks for making me smile."

"U were making your way to your new spot. Then the door broke and hid u. Goodnight."

"Wow I have a new spot I hope it has a nice soft pillow for me"

Found :^)

Finding lost things can be frustrating or fun. My sister and I like to make it fun. One of us always gets to be the other persons object. 

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