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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gas gauging? People gauging?

I use an Ap called gas buddy to keep track of gas prices. I checked before I left town and most of the stations were at $3.49 but it was a twenty minute drive. When I arrived, $3.69 was the price posted at all the gas stations! It raised twenty cents during the twenty minute drive.  So in honor of Mother's day travelers and Opening Fishing, we are being robbed blind!

Mills Fleet Farm was the one hold out. Thank you Mills Fleet Farm for not raising your prices just because everyone else was doing it. 

I was remembering when I was young, there used to be gas wars. The government decided to make that illegal because it drove too many small gas stations out of business. Despite that law most mom and pop stores still went out of business.

Doesn't that mean it is time to revoke that law and start gas wars again?

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