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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Almost Done with one part

I took Friday afternoon off to get as much of the garden project done as I could before the rain hit. We got between seven tenths and an inch Friday evening.  Just enough to settle the dust. 

By the time I got up in the morning, the dirt was just right for working with.  This morning Dale came over and helped until wegot to the point where I needed to level the blocks and turn the corner.  Thank goodness both that he had his morning open and his afternoon booked.  I love my man <3 !

There are times I need help and times that I need to work alone. Sometimes the difficult thing is recognizing when each is appropriate then making it happen. 

I need to find a block cutter that will cut this style of poured blocks.  Once the final corner and end pieces are cut, it will be done.  Left to do is have the wooden steps built and pour the walkway stones.

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