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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to weed!

Yes I spent about 2 hours literally playing in the mud "weeding".  I put that in quotes because I need to define a weed.  A weed is a flower out of place.  My front gardens are mostly perenials that self propagate.  Sometimes they choose to grow in an area that I don't want them. 

My focus today was quack grass, dandilions, bachelor buttons,and hollyhocks.  So yes, there were some flowers pulled out today.  The challenge of a perenial garden like mine is keeping one type of flower from taking over the others. I try to spend two to three hours a week tending to these gardens.  I almost didn't have the opportunity this weekend with 2.5 inches of rain. 

Those few spots where you can see soil in the matter of a few weeks will be filled in with appropriate flowers.

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