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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Jenny's new adventure

"Grandpa, can we go out and play?"

"Let me put my shoes on and we'll find a special place."
What do you mean you can't put your shoes on while I'm sitting here?
"Hey Grandma! I get to drive Grandpa's car. Cool."
But I really want to drive.... please?!

"Let Grandpa drive.  He has a special place he is going to take you."

"Oh, we're going to my favorite place!" Duchess yalped from the back seat as she did dobie turns in the back seat of the car.

The stripes of freshly cut alphalpa

Out on the low maintenance road Grandma and Grandpa walked while Duchess and My Jenny explored.

"Jenny, this way." Mama Duchess said.

Mother and Daugther explore together

"Hey look what I found!" Jenny yelled from beside the road.

So many more interesting things in the road ditch out here than in town.

Grandma stopped periodically offering the girls water. When they got back to the car, Jenny crawled into Grandma's arms and immediately fell asleep.

The effects of fresh air

Mama Duchess on the other hand continued to do dobie turns in the back seat watching for oncoming cars.. BIG truck let me at it!

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