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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you see Jesus?

When my Father and I traveled to Italy we were going through a Cathedral and of all the majesty around us, we noticed the bottom of this one pillar.

Jesus praying kneeling by a rock.
I tried to get a close-up but no flash was allowed and therefore I could not get it clear.  But you know, sometimes being a bit out of focus can give the imagination a clearer view.
Without a flash the close-up got a little blurryy
As we walked through the halls, there were spots that we could stop and listen to the history regarding the statues and collectables around us.  Someone wasn't paying attention to where he was and what he was doing.
I could not resist~
"Hey, PIVS VII! Is that your version of The Thinker?" 
"Surprise!  It's just me!"
now you know where I get it from
 When I travel, I think it is important to get pictures with people in them.  What can I say, other than perfect would have been two inches to my right (his left) but then I would have missed this candid shot.
I'll stand like this and when we get home, you can make a bust of me?
My heart was and probably still is mixed from touring in Rome.  There is so much oppulance and seemingly wasted wealth sitting in the churches or in the possesion of the Roman Catholic church when outside you see beggars, homeless people and a very dirty city.  Yet if these artifacts had not been saved by the Roman Catholic church, then they would have most certainly been lost to junkyards. 

I didn't see Jesus in any of the buildings (other than the shadow at the bottom of the pillar).  I remembered how Jesus got upset and turned over the tables in the temple.  But the Holy Spirit was present as we sang old hymns in a small private chapel while others took Holy communion during the Sunday morning Mass.  I was reminded later that God gave very specific directions of a very beautiful Temple. 

So, one of my questions when I get to heaven will be...   (I've written several questions regarding this matter and nothing seems right to ask. Oh well, God knows my heart.  He will probably just give me the answers before I have a chance to ask the questions.)

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