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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, August 13, 2016


I know that we aren't supposed to get excited about things of this world. You might look at these pictures and think  "Woman, you are crazy!"
Dad by Funny Face
I call this rock funny face; because from the right angle it looks like a funny face. There's a family story behind this rock. But it's more of a mystery then a story. From the time that my father was a young boy this rock set up by the tree. When the tree was cut down the Rock was carefully placed on the stump.
Funny Face
I say carefully because it's very very heavy. No one seems to know it's origin. It was just always out at the farm. It was never one of those things that anybody thought to ask about. To me it's one of those strange memories from my childhood even though it's a mystery.
Uncle Bill and Dad
Dad and Uncle Bill came up to bring up some things for storage. At the same time they delivered funny face. Yes I guess I'm a little crazy! But I'm so excited funny face is here!
Trisha by Funny Face

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