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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Finding peace amidst the storm

Here are some more pictures from a few weeks ago when we visited dad in the hospital.  He is doing much better now.  I wish I  could print several of these to hang on the wall. 
We had received excessive rains and the South Fork of the Crow River was at flood stage. A log was caught at the top of the rocks which replaced the old dam. One lone bird perched on a branch of the log while it took in the sunset.
I normally don't watermark my cell phone pictures. But all that my sister and I had with us were our cell phones. To my amazement the snapshots turned out beautifully. 
It was such a good representation of our lives at the time. The bird was perched at the edge of the rushing water. It's back was turned to the churning trauma created by the flood. It was there none the less. But the bird was focused on the calm peaceful waters upstream. 
This last month has been a lot of trauma personally, for friends and acquaintances. We have a tendency to look at the storm (just look at the negative newscasts.) I challenge you to look towards the peaceful side of life. Let all that trauma just roll over the rocks and down the river.

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