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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, August 1, 2016

City Slicker or Farm Girl

Very thirsty Norman
This evening was quite a traumatic time. I had just finished cleaning the pool and I noticed the donkeys and sheep were heading into the barn.  I could hear the steers catter-wailing loudly.  I figured that they were hungry.  Oh, it was so much more than that!  
Even after eating, Norman and Ethan were starved
To my surprise, they were not in the barn when I got there but I could still hear them yelling.  I went out to look for them.  I looked in the pasture and they were not there  I looked in the barn and they were not there.  But I could hear them.  That was when I realized that they had gotten into the walkway designed for feeding the animals and they were trapped. (Sorry, I didn't think you'd want to look at a double butt shot.)
What were they thinking?
My best guess is that they pushed in the bottom of this door.  They got inside and the door fell back into place and trapped them.  To top it off, they walked in and there were boards that they stepped over on the way in that was stopping them from backing out of the lane.  I was able to cautiously access the area, clear the exit and get the steers to back out.
The secret entrance
Once they were out in the pasture, I had to really be careful.  After being trapped for a significant part of the day, they were very wild when they got out.  They were jumping and running.  When I mentioned coming in for evening grain they came at such a run that I thought, "Who needs to go to Spain for the running of the bulls?  I just need to stay out of the way of my guys tonight!"

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